Yi Road ahead, Pengyou accompanied by Zhongpeng Electric 2018 Foshan 50KM walking activities

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The annual sports event “Foshan 50km hiking activity” reopened. According to Foshan’s official statistics, more than 300,000 people participated in this year’s walk, including Nanhai Line, Chancheng Line, Gaoming Line, Sanshui Line and Shunde Line. The five lines are crowded with people on foot. They use their footsteps to measure the spring route and feel the big Foshan in the spring.

Hiking can not only exercise strong body, but also further stimulate potential, break through the limits of self and achieve transcendence.
As the core concept of “Vigorous Zhongpeng·Continuous Surpassing”, Zhongpeng Electric has participated in this year for the third consecutive year. From Sanhe Hexianghu Park to Century Lotus Sports Center, Zhongpeng team’s endeavor is in Sanshui Line. A beautiful landscape was formed in the beautiful scenery along the way.
Watch the video first, and see it quickly:


50km on foot is a sport that tests endurance and physical strength. Warm-up before departure is very important. It can effectively relax tight muscles, soften joints and avoid sports injuries.

Next to the high-value water rhythm bridge, the Zhongpeng team, which is mainly based on the 2018 reserve college students, took the start of the commemorative photo, and immediately started the warm-up exercise.

(Elite gathers, ready to go)

(50km on foot, Zhongpeng (zp) is coming!)

(The second set of Zhongpeng Electric Broadcast Gymnastics Preparation~)

Qi Xinpengfei

The Sanshui Line is the most difficult of the five routes. The whole journey is 49.5km. The roads are all embankments. The direct sunlight does not have any obstructions, which further increases the difficulty of walking.

From the rising of the Chaoyang to the afterglow of Yuhui, Zhongpeng’s small partners encouraged each other and marched forward together.We are the slashing forever t-shirt, which became more vivid in a single voice.

When a female colleague couldn't move, the Zhongpeng male gods did not say that they took the small backpack on them, and the gentleman used the trekking pole to do the traction. When the sun is burning on the top of the head, the Zhongpeng male gods open their umbrellas and bring the team's care to the female colleagues.

(Come on! I am optimistic about you)

(It doesn't matter if you can't move, I will pull you)

(Every Zhongpeng little fairy is worthy of being gentle)

Infinite transcendence

I saw the famous brand behind them and wanted to tear it.!”

On foot, the citizens who passed by the Zhongpeng team came up with this sentence from time to time. Everyone behind Zhongpeng’s small friends posted a small brand name behind them.

The implication is that when a small partner can't keep going the whole course due to physical reasons, the brand name can be torn off and put on the teammates, and the teammates will take this pinning in another way to help them reach the end.

(One avenue goes to the end, a group of Pengyou 嗨 together)


With the accumulation of hiking kilometers, the crowds that have been crowded have become less and less, the sun is roasting the earth with full enthusiasm, and the laughter of Zhongpeng’s friends is still shining, everyone takes funny photos along the way, giving The more difficult walks bring humorous adjustments. These photos seem to say "Yes, this is the Zhongpeng team full of infinite vitality."

(Laugh at the challenge, welcome to success)

(Zhongpeng is a good brother, I am your three heads and six arms.)

(The gas field is crushed right.)

Never give up

As time progressed, the sun fell to the distant horizon, and the black color grew in the night.

The blisters on the feet, the soreness in the legs, and the discomfort in the back, make everyone's walking steps become heavy. The evacuation channel in front of them is such a temptation. The feeling of perseverance in the heart is constantly screaming, "Give up, give up." Let's give up."

Just give up like this??

Do not! Even if the footsteps are paralyzed, even if every cell in the body is screaming and stopping, the belief that we must go to the end point gives everyone the power to go forward. Once we start, we will never give up! The teammates who have arrived in the front are waiting at the end, hold on, we are waiting for you!

(Good brother, go together)

The end → To be continued

“Yi Lu Road, Peng Friends”, when all Zhongpeng partners successfully reached the end of the Century Lotus Sports Center, everyone has a deeper understanding and understanding of the team forces that support each other on this road.

Although the journey of Zhongpeng Meng is more difficult and bumpy, but with self-adherence, teammates and support, success will always come to us.
At the same time, we also believe that Century Lotus Station is not only the end of the journey, but also the starting line of the Zhongpeng team to continue to surpass the more powerful forces after challenging the limits.

In the future, let's go together!

(The end is also the beginning)