[New electricity reform series comment] safe and reliable is the foundation

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Author: China Power News Commentator & Emsp;

Deepening the reform of the power system is an urgent and arduous task. The more so, the more we need to advance in a steady and orderly manner, adhere to the safety bottom line, and must not surpass the safety red line, and follow the "persistence of safety and reliability". This important principle.

"Several Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of the Power System" emphasizes that deepening the reform of the power system, the system and mechanism design should follow the real-time, intangible, supply and demand volatility, homogenization and other technologies of power products. The economic law ensures the dynamic balance of production, transportation and use of electric energy, ensures the safe and stable operation of the power system and reliable supply of electricity, and improves the safety and reliability of electric power.

Safe and reliable, it is the guarantee for efficient operation of electricity, the cornerstone for building an effective competitive power market structure, and the premise for more market players to receive reform dividends.

Looking back, in the past, with the joint efforts of the whole industry, China's power safety production situation has maintained a steady state of stability.

Plan for the future, at the important stage of accelerating the construction of an effective competitive market structure and system when the new power is reforming, whether to promote cross-provincial cross-regional power market transactions and ensure renewable Energy power generation security acquisition, or to ensure the overall balance of power and electricity, open the market for electricity sales, we must further strengthen the red line awareness and bottom line thinking, and build a protection line to protect life and safety.

Protecting the security foundation, deepening the reform of the power system, we must pay close attention to the implementation of responsibility, in accordance with the requirements of "the party and government have the same responsibility, one post and two responsibilities, and jointly manage", all power companies should further improve The safety responsibility system ensures that all levels of responsibility are put in place and that it is responsible for keeping the soil.

Protecting the security foundation, deepening the reform of the power system, and strengthening the system construction and promoting law and order. It is necessary to implement the new "Safe Production Law" as an opportunity to comply with the latest "Safety Production Safety". The relevant provisions of the Measures for Supervision and Administration shall sort out, adjust and improve the rules and regulations for the supervision and management of production safety as soon as possible, so that there are laws to be followed, laws to be enforced, law enforcement to be strict, violations to be lawful, and the rule of law for safe production.

Protecting the security foundation and deepening the reform of the power system, we must strengthen security supervision and improve the level of scientific supervision. Improve and improve the power supervision organization system, innovate regulatory measures and means, strengthen problem supervision, and promote The safety production level of the whole industry has further improved.

Protect the security foundation, deepen the reform of the power system, urgently need to rectify the weak links, pay attention to preventive measures beforehand, and build a long-term mechanism. Power companies should work hard on prevention and treatment, and adhere to the concept of "hidden danger is accident" To increase the elimination of hidden dangers and promote the construction of a safety risk pre-control system to prevent safety accidents.

The new electric power will start to change, and the electric power personnel must take responsibility for the soil, further strengthen the safe and efficient operation and reliable supply of electric power, and consolidate the safety foundation of the new electric power reform.