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Working Environment

:graceful surrounding, fresh air, and comfortable office environment.

Working Time

work 8h a day with single-day weekend; about 15-day paid leave each year.

Other Subsidies

providing accommodation, full attendance bonus, working age award, performance bonus, housing subsidy, food subsidy, call charge subsidy, paid annual leave, and year-end award.

Festivals And Holidays

staying the same with the national statutory holidays, including marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, and bereavement leave.



clean staff canteen - delicious dishes, old fire soup, weekly fruit, and summer herbal tea.


spacious and bright staff dormitory - covering an area of nearly 40㎡, each dormitory has a separate bathroom and balcony, equipped with air conditioner, water heater, wardrobe, desk, and WIFI.


there is Hongsha Living Area Junction, Guanyao Bus Terminal, Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing Light Rail Shishan Station, Metro Shishan University Town Station and Shishan Station nearby.


with basketball court, badminton court, Ping Pong table, billiards and other sports facilities provided, you can fully enjoy sports after work.


various activities are organized from time to time, including yearly free travel, employee birthday party, employee buffet, festival theme party, sports competition, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, and weekly big-screen movie projection.


purchasing social security, five-insurance (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance), commercial accident insurance, housing provident fund, and annual free medical examination.