Message from Dean Huang Shuhu

Nowadays, in times of economic turmoil, and at the very moment when opportunities and threats coexist, the transformation for a variety of enterprises is extremely urgent, in which, the talent is the key restriction factor. Peng Fei University comes into existence as the situation requires. I think that Peng Fei University should have the following "genes": I. "pragmatism". With pragmatic spirit, the University lays emphasis on utility, practice and substantial results, to help CHAMPON Electric train the actual elites; II. Based on openness and circulation, it welcomes all personnel from CHAMPON Electric through self-recommendation. At the same time, the learners have the chance to move forward a higher level, and even eventually become mentors to achieve effective circulation; III. Knowledge is infinite. All of us should pursue lifelong learning, constantly gain new knowledge from books, work and life, and try hard to broaden horizon.