As urban living standards are continually improved and the modernization rapidly developed, urban residents are very much dependent on electricity, and more and more substations are gaining a wider popularity in urban centers, which indicates that the residents have brought forward the higher request to the reliability, safety, adaptability and environmental protection on the power supply.

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    Nowadays, there are still numerous problems concerning distribution network in cities to be solved, such as weak grid structures, aging lines, and poor automation level, operating environment, and user property equipment operation. As a result, distribution lines are frequently broken down, thus failing to meet the demand for electrical load and for safe and reliable power supply of the increasingly dense urban population. In combination with the actual distribution network requirements, CHAMPON Electric set about developing environment-friendly transformers.

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    Products involved: Vegetable oil distribution transformer

    Scheme feature: As a real green transformer, the vegetable oil distribution transformer is specifically designed with renewable and zero-hazard natural ester vegetable oil with high ignition point. In case of leakage, it, permeating in a slow pace at a low remediation cost, can be completely degraded, exerting no pollution to water and soil. It is applicable to areas with high requirements for safety and environmental protection, and also meets the current proposal of green energy saving put forward by China.

    Technical features:

    The vegetable oil (ignition point: 360℃) has a dominant advantage in flame retardancy. At the same time, it generates less gas during combustion, and reduces high-energy arc faults, explosions and related collateral damages, thus greatly improving the safety operation. So far, no fire has been incurred around the world by employing vegetable oil transformers.

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