Multi-picture warning, I can't see a YOUNG's Zhongpeng Guan Peisheng development training

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In the spring of March, Zhongpeng Electric ushered in a group of young and energetic school recruiting students. Subsequently, in order to help them better integrate into the enterprise and cultivate corporate values of unity and forge ahead, and the company worked hard, the company specially arranged the project's rich outdoor development training. However, unlike the past, Zhong Peng Electric's expansion of Guan Peisheng this time is simply an expression pack war!
First, let’s take a set of warm-ups.
Follow my left hand and right hand in a slow motion
Right hand left hand slow motion replay
who am I? where am I? What am I doing?
What are the male and female shoulders?
We just want to do things!
Scientific research certificate
Embrace to promote the secretion of "hug hormone"
Good for skeletal muscle health and make people younger
real or fake? Ask for hug!
It’s too late to explain, get on the train!
What car?
Zhongpeng trolleybus!
I think so I am, not afraid of the sun!
The strongest shock wave on the surface
Is it that God covers the curtain in front of my eyes?
Forgot to open~
Protect our Angela!
I have made a great effort
How can you "the body of a thousand gold"
The longest distance in the world
Not life and death
But we are so close
But can't hold each other's hands
Your courage is full!
The balance is 10000000000 points
Next time, my partner said, why don’t you go to heaven?
Can be back like this
This fairy has just come from heaven
(Proud face)
This is the feeling of flying
This is the feeling of freedom
Zhongpeng Electric
Just take this step bravely.!
Cough and cough
This fish, it has its own ideas
It’s not a problem with my craft.
Playing for Zhong Peng Little Fairycall
Smoke props division adds chicken legs tonight
That is me
Friendship boat is online
Confirmed eyes
Is a team of people
I have to take a small copy and write it down.
Every time you pamper
The two-day and one-night high-intensity development training came to a close when the friends laughed and challenged themselves. From the first sunshine in the morning to the last sunset in the evening, all the college students have always maintained a full state of mind, with 100% enthusiasm devoted to each project, successfully making every impossible challenge possible. .
This time, the expansion of all college students has become more tenacious and more united. At the same time, we have also seen the youthful and energetic side of the 2018 reserve college students, and are full of expectation for the bright future of Zhongpeng Electric. Under the careful training of the company, I believe that every Zhongpeng employee can continuously release their positive energy and create unlimited Zhongpeng wonderful!