You are the most beautiful god of Zhongpeng Electric!

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On March 8th, the annual "Goddess Day" was full of surprises and came to Zhongpeng Electric. According to the tradition of Zhongpeng over the years, in order to convey the most sincere love to the goddess Zhongpeng, All the Zhongpeng goddess have worked hard over the past year. Zhongpeng Knights have carefully prepared beautiful and fragrant roses, sweet silky chocolates and happy and friendly games. They offer warm gifts to the goddesses and wish all the Zhongpeng goddess a happy holiday! /span>
(fragrant sweets are for you, my goddess)
In a warm and happy atmosphere, every Zhongpeng goddess got a small gift full of care and love from Zhongpeng Electric. Their faces burst into happy smiles, The delicate roses in the hands are in harmony.
"I am happy because of Zhongpeng, Zhongpeng is wonderful because of me!" In Zhongpeng, the goddess Zhongpeng is a sly rose who works conscientiously and conscientiously, and is also gentle and caring and caring for others. Pink Beauty, who used their infinite enthusiasm to interpret the most beautiful scenery in the spring, they used selfless dedication to make Zhongpeng Electric's continuous growth leap.
(You smile like a light, just illuminate me)
In Zhongpeng, they are still playing the game to the women's full-fledged playful goddess, but also the cute lady who wraps up the dumplings, who express their passion for life with pure heart. Love, with a beautiful character dotted with a hundred life.
(Happy, ingenious, Zhongpeng Queen)
"Zhongpengfei·Life Beauty", in this springful, peachy and white day, I hope that the spring breeze will send you the hibiscus face, the warm sun will sprinkle the happy makeup, the youth is not drunk, the joy will always be with you!