¡En un nuevo nivel, Zhongpeng y Etiopía han cooperado por primera vez!

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Every time I talk about Africa, many people will have a hot, wild, mysterious scene in their minds. I don’t know, in this wild land, because of the Chinese imprint, there are thousands of wonderful... This is the case in Ethiopia.
"African Roof" - Ethiopia
—— Hi,Ethiopia ——
Ethiopia is an ancient civilization with more than 3,000 years of history and is the second most populous country in Africa. Its capital, Addis Ababa, is known as the "heart of African politics". It is the seat of the UN Economic Commission for Africa and the headquarters of the African Union. It will also be the seat of the China-Africa Energy Cooperation Center and has a unique political status in Africa.
In recent years, under the initiative of “One Belt, One Road”, China and Egypt have jointly painted a blueprint for development. In just five years, this African country has undergone earth-shaking changes: the first wind power station, the first urban light rail, and the multinational electrified railway. The inexhaustible roads, dams, power stations, factories... became a bright business card for Sino-Egyptian cooperation.
As a country with unique advantages in natural resources, Ethiopia has a huge energy market potential.
"Electrical connection" - Zhongpeng going out
—— Hi,Ethiopia ——
Under this great prospect, Zhongpeng seized the opportunity of “One Belt, One Road” and cooperated with Ethiopia for the first time to export Zhongpeng products.
In order to showcase the good image of Chinese companies going global and to add strength to Sino-Egyptian cooperation, Zhongpeng attaches great importance to this project and uses tailored products to customize products for overseas customers. In the process, the product adopts the winding sectional winding method, which can reduce the interlayer voltage and effectively improve the reliability of the product. Considering that the product is transported by sea, the Zhongpeng technical team also designs a special packaging shell, which can It resists cracking, impact and corrosion, and protects the product from damage. At the same time, the fuel tank of the transformer also adopts a unique design to achieve moisture-proof and anti-sea salt spray through special means.
After a period of ingenuity, the crystallization of the joint efforts of the Zhongpeng team has now “fallen to the ground” and successfully sailed to the far side of the ocean and transported Ethiopia.
Grasping the opportunity for development, Zhongpeng constantly pursues technological innovation and service improvement, so that “going out” has realized more possibilities. Looking to the future, Zhongpeng will continue to expand its overseas business and let “Zhongpeng Zhizhi” bloom all over the world!