Zhongpeng went to Dubai Power Show to start a technical exchange trip!

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Recently, the 44th Middle East (Dubai) International Power, Lighting and New Energy Exhibition (MEE) was held in Dubai International Exhibition Center in UAE. Zhongpeng went to Dubai to participate in in-depth discussions with colleagues and experts from all over the world.
MEE is the largest international exhibition of electric power industry in the Middle East and the world. It can promote more than tens of billions of dollars of trade every year and has the reputation of “one of the world's five major industrial activities”. It is reported that more than 60,000 visitors from 126 countries have visited the exhibition. Many well-known companies including Abb, Siemens and Chint have appeared. The high-tech products and technologies exhibited at the exhibition represent the world's electric power industry. The latest developments.
Taking the exhibition as the window, Zhongpeng introduces Zhongpeng products and services to its global counterparts and customers, demonstrates the company's style, and accumulates energy for the implementation of international trade strategy. At the same time, it also conducts in-depth exchanges on industry development and technological innovation. The future development of the power industry.
Zhongpeng General Manager Huang Shuhu (second from left) and overseas director Huang He (right) participated in Dubai
During this period, invited by DuPont of the United States, Zhongpeng also participated in the organization's seminar on insulation materials and technology. At the meeting, colleagues from all over the world gathered together with senior experts in the field of insulation to exchange ideas on new insulation materials, natural ester green insulation systems, key insulation insulation technology, industrial development trends, etc., and strive to promote the power industry and insulation. Cooperation and win-win in the industry chain。
Look at the world and talk about the future. The "One Belt, One Road" strategy has brought new historical opportunities for Chinese enterprises to go global. Zhongpeng will also seize this development opportunity, accelerate the pace of research and development, and continue to broaden the pattern of opening up to achieve global trade.