¡Ayuda a la noche del Festival de Primavera! Llamando el "cazador" de Zhong Peng

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Spring Festival Evening

Reminiscences from generation to generation

From black and white TV to LCD big screen, the Spring Festival Evening has already passed three Sixteen years

This year, Zhongpeng and Spring Festival Evening broke a "screen"


Zhong Peng on the Spring Festival Evening!

      In 2019, CCTV Spring Festival Gala will continue the tradition of setting up the first three sessions of the venue, and continue to adopt the "Beijing main venue + local venues" In the live broadcast mode, three distinct and distinctive areas were selected as the Spring Festival Evening Session. Among them, Shenzhen, the frontier of reform and opening up, was selected as one of the three major venues to showcase the Lingnan cultural characteristics and the new era. Highlight the urban temperament of Shenzhen's technology and innovation.

and this time

Zhongpeng will also log in to CCTV Spring Festival Evening Shenzhen Branch

All the Chinese and the Chinese in the world

Welcome to the Spring Festival, a total feast

This time

Zhongpeng wants to be the "light follower"

Shen Huaguang of Shenzhen Branch

By contracted by us!

Fighting one Line, create a boutique

As a leader in power distribution, Zhongpeng has performed brilliantly in many major projects such as the World Police Pistol Shooting Competition, Yunnan Power Grid Poverty Alleviation Project, Jiangxi Chongyi Jianxian 500th Anniversary Project, Country Garden Shunde Headquarters Building, and Foshan Third People's Hospital. CCTV Spring Festival Evening, Zhongpeng took on the heavy responsibility of providing 12 sets of European-style box-changing capacity of 800kVA for the Shenzhen branch, and guarding the stable use of the venue.

There is such a huge influence In the Spring Festival Evening, which was followed by the whole country, as early as the stage construction of the Shenzhen branch venue, Zhongpeng intervened in advance. Investigate user needs and feedback to the technical team in the first time to develop solutions in a targeted manner and to invest in production as quickly as possible.

through planning, technology, purchasing , quality control and other departments linked, as well as several front-line employees fighting around the clock, production The goal was successfully completed and seven days ahead of the specified delivery period, showing the customer the speed of Zhongpeng.

( Products are sent to the Shenzhen branch)

Due diligence to help the Spring Festival Evening

Mo Baolu, deputy section chief of the Emergency Coordination Section of the Safety Supervision Department of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, said that the demand for electricity at the party reached 6600 kW, which is the highest power load of the Spring Festival Evening session. .

To this end, Zhongpeng sent a professional technical team to rush to Shenzhen branch venue, on-site inspection and inspection, installation and commissioning, fully guarantee the venue electricity The force is stable and reliable.

(Shenzhen Civic Center Stage Construction Site)< /span>

(Zhongpeng products located in various areas of the venue)

current The stage construction of the venue has been officially completed and entered the rehearsal stage. Zhongpeng and the organizers have closely coordinated and coordinated, and the work is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Other On the day of the official performance, Zhongpeng will also arrange professional and experienced technical personnel to patrol, incarnate as "light followers", escort for the Spring Festival Evening, and strive to send glamorous and star-studded to the global audience on New Year's Eve. The audio-visual feast reflects the joyful atmosphere of national celebrations.


is a follower

Lighting up the light and shadow of the Spring Festival Evening

Guarding the bright lights of Wanjia

Chasing the future glory < /span>

No fear of darkness, Zhongpeng heart Have light, go dreaming!